Punches and dies for all types of Press and shear machines

Description: we are manufacturer of best quality type press and shear machine punches and dies, and our product are checked by professional quality engineer with accuracy and standard, we also manufacture as per client drawings.
Our punches and dies are produced on state of the art CNC Machinery, allowing us to have more control over tolerances.

General Types of Die:

  • Blanking Die.
  • Piercing Die
  • Cut off Die
  • Parting off Die
  • Trimming Die
  • Shaving Die
  • Bending Die
  • Forming Die
  • Drawing Die
  • Progressive Die
  • Compound Die
  • Combination Die

General press tool construction

The general press tool construction will have following elements:-

  • Shank: It is used to locate the press tool in press for alignment purpose.
  • Top Plate: It is used to hold top half of the press tool with press slide.
  • Punch Back Plate: This plate prevents the hardened punches penetrating into top plate.
  • Punch Holder: This plate is used to accommodate the punches of press tool.
  • Punches: To perform cutting and non cutting operations either plain or profiled punches are used.
  • Die Plate: Die plate will have similar profile of the component where cutting dies usually have holes with land and angular clearance and non cutting dies will have profiles.
  • Guide Pillar & Guide Bush: Used for alignment between top and bottom halves of the press tools.
  • Bottom plate: It is used to hold bottom half of the press tool with press slide.
  • Stripper plate: it is used to strip off the component from punches.
  • strip guides: It is used to guide the strip into the press tool to perform the operation.