We would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of:

  • Pipe Flanges
  • Threaded Pipe Nipple
  • Masta hydraulic pressure gauges - in all ranges in kN/Ton/Kgf/PSI etc
  • Die and Punches
  • Anchor/Foundation bolt
  • SS Door accessories – Aldrop, Hinge, door handle & Door stopper

We also provide design engineering and detailing service on structural/fabrication and machinery.
Our products are based on standard code and dimensions
Sir, it is our earnest desire to join hands with you. We look forward to assist you in your valuable enquiries. We do not only want to earn Business from you, rather we want you as our Customer for Life.
In view of the above, we would request you to kindly register our name as your approved supplier. We assure you that we will be able to meet your requirements with quality products within a short period.


To continuously modernize, expand and technologically upgrade our products with a view to produce excellent and high quality goods in matching with the changing needs of the customers. To improve customer satisfaction, become cost effective, to promote employees participation and to implement innovative methods for enrichment of quality of life of all concerned.

Concrete Vision Elements:

  • Modernisation, expansion and technological up gradation to achieve International Standards of excellence.
  • Marketing focus on the changing customer needs and change of product suited to customer requirements.
  • Promotion of exports and earning valuable foreign exchange for the country.
  • Regular up gradation to face global challenges and competition from developing countries.
  • Continuous Organizational restructuring to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Cost effectiveness in all areas of operations and effective management to meet global competition.
  • Participation of employees and their motivation for achieving our visionary goals.

Why us?

Our Values:

Our business concept, vision, strategies and objectives describe the Organization’s overall mission, which is to create value for its customers and employees. Our employees use the corporate culture and values developed over the years as guidelines in their everyday work. These shared values help us to build and protect a sustainable and successful business. Our basic values are :

Customer Focus:

“All our decisions are taken to keep customers in mind, since our success depends on their satisfaction. Before undertaking an action, we ask ourselves how this will add value to the customer and, ultimately, to organization. By customers we mean both internal and external customers.”


“We are performance-driven company. Through a target-oriented organization, our performance is measured in all areas and at all levels, and is based on our deep understanding and knowledge of our business. The focus on performance is reflected in our management-by-objectives policy and in the compensation n paid to employees.”


“We believe that our personnel want and have the courage to assume responsibility. We all share responsibility for the company as a whole and for its results. We are not merely responsible for our individual roles, departments or functions. The aim is to have the right people in the right place at the right time.” We trust their motivation and ability to take on responsibility and encourage the process of learning from mistakes.

Quality Assurance:

Apogee Industries is always committed to the following:

  • “To provide quality products and prompt services that meets all the requirements of its customers”
  • Apogee Industries will establish quality objectives to monitor critical activities and reviews it regularly for the continual improvement
  • Apogee Industries shall communicate the Quality Policy to all it’s personnel for proper understanding of quality requirements.

To achieve this, we shall:

Continuously monitor and improve customer satisfaction. Ensure strategic growth in our business. Strive to be cost effective in all aspects. Enhance knowledge, skill and involvement of employees. Build strong partnerships with suppliers. Be a socially responsible and environment-friendly company.

Safety, Health & Environment Policy:

We, at Apogee Industries, are committed to ensure a healthy & safe environment and improved working conditions, by minimizing adverse effects of our process and activities.

In order to attain this, we shall:

Continuously monitor and improve the work conditions and performance related to safety, health and environment.
Ensure compliance with all requirements of social accountability standard and applicable national and other laws related to work conditions, safety, health and environment;
Respect the principles of internationals instruments related to work conditions.
Ensure efficient use and conservation of resources by effective management practices and technological measures to prevent pollution and minimize health & safety hazard
Adequately train all employees on health, safety, environment and social accountability issues; Make available the policy, objectives and targets to relevant interested parties.